Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • This site is a bit tricky and not very intuitive. I feel compelled to share pics and images of out boz Shep's in the working lgd enviornment that we've placed them In. Again, most of what I've read above is not accurate based off my experience with boz. Its 50/50 in Turkey as far as whether boz is a separate breed. My guess is these dogs are a mix of malakli and kangal. Ultra smart very loyal creatures.

    Our female at 4 months old located a 6 month old chick that flew the coop in the middle of the night and brought the chick up to the house and slept by its side. We awoke to the sound of a chicken. Then discovered that she had brought it through the dog door. Unharmed and unscathed. Low prey drive. Again I wish I could post pics and vids to these posts but seem unable to. Please do additional homework but don't rely on that lgdnevada person. They are not representing the breed properly. And again you can see loads of bids and pics on my fb page. You'll see that these dogs are extremely effective guard dogs. Very gentle with children,  young kids can take bones out of the mouths of both are dogs with no issue. Any child. These dogs know what a real threat is and disregard those that are not, but ready and willing to fight, and very good at that too.

    I should share another instance before signing off. My family and I were on a semi remote beach a couple of weekends ago. We had our female boz with us off leash. She really loves to play with other friendly dogs, in the most friendly of ways. She approached a dog and my wife quickly alerted me that this was happening. The folks with the other dog alerted me that their 20 pound doggy was not friendly and it immediately attacked our dog. She pinned this dog and by the time I got there I figured she had killed this dog. When I pulled her. Not a single puncture wound. Not a one. The dog was scared shtless but not injured at all.

    Do your homework please and don't put a ton of stock in the net sayers. They have a hidden agenda.