Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • The breed is a designer breed made up by a dog fighter in Turkey named Akin Tulubas.

    I brought some  of the first ones over here.  I was lied to, ripped off, duped and sold a bill of goods basically,

    by Tulubas and his cohorts here in the USA.  I learned a very hard, expensive lesson.

    You can PM me for more details.  One of the breeders in Texas is presently being sued.  The dogs are being

    're-marketed' and 're-invented' now as Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Truth is, they are a designer fighting breed.

    Tulubas sells them to Chinese dog fighters now and was recently in Las Vegas connecting with his dog fighting

    cronies.  He's despised by many Kangal people in Turkey as a fraud, fake and a sociopath.

    I would steer clear of the breed.  Again, you can PM me if you want more names and details on who the people are

    who own these dogs.  Here's just one guy who now owns and breeds Boz.  Should tell you all you need to know.