Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • I would also like to say that the claim that the Boz were created by mixing up a bunch of breeds is come tell inaccurate. 

    They are the dogs from Urfa Konya Tuzkoy and Denizli.   Yes they are being bred to each other as in a Konya bred to a Urfa.  But these are considered the same type.

    They have a foot morphology unlike Kangals, Anatolians,  Akbash or any other known dog breed.  The feet are webbed out to the tips of the toes, and have a tendon that runs the edge.  Many have center toes connected.  I have had 25 year veterinarians tell me they have never seen any dog with this kind of feet.

    They certainly didn't get this from English Mastiff,  Bernard or some of the other stated breeds used.

    How would you get a 33-35 inch 150-180 pound dog that can literaly chase down and catch coyotes.  30-35mph.

    Guarantee you not from those breeds.

    Visit some of these dogs to see for yourself.