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I choose not to be limited to a recognised breed. I will only ever strictly acquire working dogs from people who use dogs as tools to perform a task. Primarily people who hunt feral hogs/boars (currently own a bull arab bred by my cousin who is a keen hunter), but I currently also have a dog bred to move sheep (kelpie mix, real working lines). I'm open also to cattle drovers and dogs used to hunt vermin (terriers) or fast game (lurchers/staghounds). I fundamentally disagree with even the idea of breeds and breeding dogs to represent a breed. Only dogs bred to do something are real dogs to me, I want to support that tradition and that world/culture, one which pre-dates breeds and is the natural organic way dogs were always produced which also does not harm them or afflict them with problems (physical/health and also psychological/nerves/temperament). Even the idea of breeds I feel is a detrimental negative thing at this point.