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Why did you choose the breed of dogs that you own?

in? Did you choose the breed of dogs that you own?

I chose the Perro De Presa Canario because of it size they are intimidating. I Ike that they are known to have a great on and off switch. I didn't know what that was until I met a Presa. I live in an urban environment.  I want a dog that will protect my family.  The Presa has the size and temperament to do that job well.i also love that they are bred to be companion dogs. 


When I saw a 150lbs dog with a prey drive to go up a straight tree almost above my head to hunt a squirrel on command I found my breeder!


If I had a lot of land I might have chosen a Caucasian, Burmese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees or a Komodore. If I wanted to compete in a dog sport like iPO or the French Ring I might have chosen a Belgium Malinois, GSD, Dutch Shepard  or Tervuren. If I owned cattle or other livestock that needed herding I possibly would have chosen a GSD or Australian Cattle Dog.


I gave some of my reasons. Let's hear about why you chose your dig breeds.

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    • Yes, good reasoning: best friend or worst enemy.... 

    • hey well things arent that simple where i live u have the dog list where breeds and theyre crossings are forbidden more or less so what i want and what i can have are two different things like always and everywhere for every law theres an answer too so i will take a lab or retriever and train him like a working dog and im on the save side

      • besides a lab or retriever has the same psi like a staff or even more and they have the golden thing the will to please i dont need my dog to think or my wife haha i will do the thinking and they do the work :)

        • if u have some problem with a list dog of any kind u are seen as a criminal with consequences up to 20.000 dollar fines and so on but with a theraphydog nothing can happen you can get a retriever or lab up to 110 pounds muscle and ready to go

          • Chose CO for home protection and because it is a ancient breed used for guarding. They need good leadership and loving kindness to socialize them in a neighborhood setting indeed....

            • We chose the Caucasian Ovcharka when we lived in Italy in the countryside. The house we were going to rent was frequently burglarized by gypsies from across the water. The only dog place where they spoke English was the Doghouse Puppy Center, so we went there. The owner knows the house we would rent and said they would bring us a puppy that if we had the gypsies would not come.

              Two weeks later he showed us two CO puppies and we chose the one you may have seen here as Caesar. We had no problems with burglars or visitors. and we got 2 more CO while living in Italy and brought them back to the States. ... Excellent choice.

            • I choose not to be limited to a recognised breed. I will only ever strictly acquire working dogs from people who use dogs as tools to perform a task. Primarily people who hunt feral hogs/boars (currently own a bull arab bred by my cousin who is a keen hunter), but I currently also have a dog bred to move sheep (kelpie mix, real working lines). I'm open also to cattle drovers and dogs used to hunt vermin (terriers) or fast game (lurchers/staghounds). I fundamentally disagree with even the idea of breeds and breeding dogs to represent a breed. Only dogs bred to do something are real dogs to me, I want to support that tradition and that world/culture, one which pre-dates breeds and is the natural organic way dogs were always produced which also does not harm them or afflict them with problems (physical/health and also psychological/nerves/temperament). Even the idea of breeds I feel is a detrimental negative thing at this point.

              • we move from Texas to México

                and we need not a deterrent but a dog that truly can and would stop a man if need it , we have bunch of others breeds before, from English bull and terriers to dogos argentinos but 15 years ago we find out a breeder that had pups at the moment ( we did buy one ) impulse buy.. but he turn out to be one of the best dogs ever for us , not only he stop few persons , he was my wife and son protector while I wasn't around and he UNDERSTAND it too , smart , powerful, willing to do the job for you , those are few things we love about from el perro de presa canario.

                • I wanted a Broholmer, but ended up with a Dobermann/Husky mix that needed to be re-homed. The Broholmer is a heavy dog (not very agile) and the waiting list is long. I the searched for Dobermann mainly because we like the temperament and willingness to cooperate. Even though he has a lot more energy than I hoped for and is still very un-trained, he is a great boy that is coming along nicely.

                • Most important for me was finding "kids friendly" dog, that i don't have to worry about my little one. I think we made great choice in this case, but the little furry was diagnosed with the diabetes last week. Now a look for a place where i can buy vetsulin online, as we live far in the woods and it doesn't make any sense to drive to vet every time we need it.

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