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 Even if it did I didn't believe it would be successful. From this point on I liked rare breeds. I was looking in Dog World. I came across a picture of the Presa Canario. I refused to look at them long knowing I would start to research the breed. I'd see the pictures of Show Stoppers dogs and quickly turn the page. But one day I decided to take a good look. I got more interested. I did more and more research. 

Wow - I had a subscription to Dog World Magazine for many years as they had great articles and photos. One of their articles feature the 3 Ovcharkas and one of the dogs in the the photo was ours. I think it is posted here on MD somewhere. It has the Caucasian, Central Asian, and South Russian Ovcharka.

I am glad you decided to more research and select the breed as you have been an great ambassador for the breed. Keep up the good work.