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Descended from ancient working hounds, such as the Spanish Podengo de Mastra and various mastiffs of Europe, the Portuguese Pointer was developed in the 12th century as an all-around hunting dog, but over the years it became popular with the nobility which used it for pointing and retrieving game, as well as falconry. In the 1700's, this powerful breed was introduced to Britain where it was instrumental in the creation of the English Pointer, as well as influencing some bully breeds. The Portugese Pointer was bred to a consistent type for centuries, but the first breed Standard was written in 1932.

This intelligent hunting breed is well-muscled and agile, making a versatile and obedient worker. Easy to train and loving of children, the Perdigueiro Portugueso can be a good pet, but is better suited for rural environments than city life.

The short coat is firm, smooth and flat, coming in shades of yellow, fawn and chestnut, with or without white markings. Average height is around 22 inches.