Comment to 'Shagi'
Comment to Shagi
  • Shagi  from Scooby Doo?   LOL..........How's life treating you Gary. It was a rough year here. I lost 4 dogs total in the span of a year, Scooter, Gator, Buchi, and Poptart.  I miss my CO, the Guardian of property and home. We do not want to house any additional dogs outdoors now that we no longer need to. My wife would not be able to tolerate the CO hair in the house on a fulltime basis.

    Therefore we came to a compromise and will be adding an English Mastiff to our home in the near future. I will be sure to post some pics when the time comes. Hope all is well w/ you. May 2015 be a happy and healthy year for you.   Peace, Mike  

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