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Holliwood Beauty
Charles V against the protestants . (may of 1552; escape because of the protestant coalition under the command of  Maurice of the Saxons from Innsbruck to Villach)  
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First of all, the site looks great Gary. This is Tonedog from back in the day. I decided to just randomly see if molosserdogs was still around, fearing the worst, but wow, looks good.  Maybe some controversial debate will help liven the place up a bit? lol Over the last few years I've been continuing my recreational research into dogs and dog history (which has now spanned many decades), and I've stumbled onto a realization that "mastiffs" basically don't exist and never did.   Hear me out...  I believe the mastiff category is merely comprised of retired dogs from various other functional types. They have no real genetic foundation making them a group and no real ancestral function. If you n
Carl Borromäus Andreas Ruthart (1630 1703) Bear Hunt with Mastiffs
German Boar HoundJOHANN HEINRICH WILHELM TISCHBEIN VIER HUNDE 1806 1807"  by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  1807
Bulldog, Mastiff, Lurcher, Dachshunds and hound, by Johan Heinrich Wilhelm  
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