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Ask Before Petting Someone's Dog

Have you ever been out walking  your dogs and someone comes up to your dog and start "petting" him/her without asking. Well, if you have a cute little dog of the toy type they may feel comfortable doing that. We have never had anyone do that to our dogs because they are big and scary looking.  However, admirers should always ask first... Read this funny article to learn more.

Avoid Ruining Your Dogs

In this article by Brandy Arnold she explains three steps you can take to avoid ruining your new pup. It is a good article and well worth reading here.
FAKE - fake - Giant Dogs of the world part 1

FAKE - fake - Giant Dogs of the world part 1

I was just browsing for photos today and saw this photo - which led to a video.  It peaked my interest because the original photo was take by me at a #Alleri Kennel in Italy. The dog in the photo is/was Finalmente - one of the most athletic #Neapolitan #Mastiff - bred by Virgilio Dal Buono. This is a screenshot of the "fake site video" https://viralchop.com/giant-dogs-of-the-world-part-1/amp/ And here is the original photo - taken by Gary Sicard.. lol.. so fake. http://sicard.net/gallery/displayimage.php?album=42&pid=7612#top_display_media And now you know the rest of the story.. :) Call out the fakes.

Dog Owners' Rights - Get Involved

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The United Kennel Club (UKC), has concise approach for how to engage in the activities to keep dog ownership viable and possibly slowdown the animal rights movement which will affect all of us in the USA regarding how we obtain, train, and keep dogs. Read their short article about how to get involved and then take action if you are concerned.

Does Anyone Know This Dog? (smile)

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Quite often you may see a photo of a dog that you know being used on a website. Nothing wrong there in my opinion but it would be nice to actually say the name of the dog or give a bit of credit to the owner or website where it was found if not copyrighted.  What do you think? Anyway - do you know this dog :) https://www.furrytips.com/russian-bear-dog/

Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Wolf

This documentary in Hi-Def shows how shepherds use the Caucasian Shepherd Dog to protect their flock against wolves.
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