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Dogs of All Nations - by W-E-Mason.pdf

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HIstory of the Mastiff by Wynn

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History of the mastiff by Wynn

Caring for an Older Dog

Caring for an Older Dog. This document gives some very good tips and ideas for caring for an older dog. It is something worth printing and keeping on the shelf as a good reference.

USDA Protecting Sheep From Predators

The United States Department of Agriculture pamphlet on protecting sheep from predators

Columella Treatsies on Dogs

Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella on Agriculture Including Treatsie 7 on dogs


Those of us with responsibility for the health of canine athletes need to continually read and evaluate new scientific studies to ensure that we are taking the most appropriate care of our performance dogs. This article provides evidence through a number of recent studies to suggest that veterinarians and owners working with canine athletes should revisit the standard protocol in which all dogs that are not intended for breeding are spayed and neutered at or before 6 months of age.

Dogs of the British Islands - J. H. Walsh 1882

The Degeneration of the Dog Family - By Pavel Kastl

Woeful civilization’s influences are increasing and together with them the degeneration of the dog family begins to show. And the goal of this ebook is to call attention to the way by means of which it is possible to prevent the degeneration at least to a degree, and also to make you familiar with many insights into interesting themes like dog training and education, care of health, theory about many breeds and their utility, dog fighting and defense.

Canine Molecular Genetic Diseases

The field of molecular #genetics has generated substantial information about how genetic diseases are inherited. Discovery of the causative gene for a particular #disease can allow a DNA test to be developed to identify carriers of that gene. Selective breeding can then be used to reduce the frequency of that disease in the general population. This article reviews basic genetic principles and discusses how DNA tests are developed. Information about #DNA tests currently available to detect inherited disease in several #canine #breeds is also provided.

Breeding Against Hip and Elbow #Dysplasia

The objective of this study was to develop #breeding strategies to reduce the incidence of canine hip and elbow #dysplasia. For this purpose, investigations were conducted on the mode of #inheritance as well as genetic parameters, genetic trends and selection differentials for the #traits.Population structure and #inbreeding were also examined, and finally, various selection schemes were compared by a simulation study to find out potential #genetic responses and possibilities for a comprehensive breeding program.

Acceleration and balance in trotting dogs

During quadrupedal trotting, diagonal pairs of limbs are set down in unison and exert forces on the ground simultaneously. Ground-reaction forces on individual limbs of trotting #dogs were measured separately using a series of four force platforms.

A Short Treatise of Hunting

Compyled for the delight of Noble men and Gentlemen, by Sir Thomas Cockaine, Knight, in 1591.

Livestock guarding dogs: their current use world wide

While most large carnivore species are threatened, there are some carnivore populations which are recovering, notably in North America and Central and Eastern Europe, where large carnivores are returning to areas where they had vanished long ago. Combined with a relaxation of responsible livestock guarding in many areas where carnivores had been eradicated, modern farmers no longer know how to protect their animals against attacks from wolves, coyotes, bears, pumas, lynx and others. Livestock losses often lead to increased antagonism towards wild carnivores and any associated conservation project, with the overall negative impact on conservation activities often exceeding the actual financia