Comment to 'Too attached'
Comment to Too attached
  • I have a dog like that but not to such extremes. What I do is completely ignore the dog, if he gets too pushy I correct him with a noise. Put a paw or push on me, I stand up and not look at the animal what so ever. If the dog is still forcing to be #1, I remove it from the area I'm in for a "Time Out". It also helps if you can set him up with a "Helper" around. Have a choke collar (on him) hooked to a leash with the helper holding it. When the dog barks at you, helper pops the collar and gives a noise correction. Do this multiple times and make it count. The above technique had to be used with Eragon. Because for a long time if I sat down, he would try to climb into my lap. Igmuska was very helpful with helping me correct above. Being that he almost weighs two of me, this was not comfortable.
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