Comment to 'Too attached'
Comment to Too attached
  • My Tosas are all velcro dogs too. Having more than one dog does help as they interact and can play with each other. I allow mine to play indoors. Most days I'm out with them 4x for walks. Each outing is minimum 30min. I often bike with them too, keeping them at a trot for the half hour. I try to give them an hour of outdoor time each day, i have to be with them because there are no fences in my area. I'm usually doing some yard work, and they can play or just poke around in the bushes. Since I'm out in a rural area, I've got many acres of bush, they run off leash while I walk. And they do like to run, especially when they're younger. When I go out, I don't think they move LOL All this exercise helps keep them settled, and they don't tend to be in my armpits unless they're really bored. My conclusion is, your boy needs WAY more exercise than you're providing. He should be able to take at least the amount of exercise my Tosas get.
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