Comment to 'Too attached'
Comment to Too attached
  • I have a question and it differs from the threads that have been going on lately. I'm still a newbie so I HOPE that some of my posts won't be too obvious. Can a dog be TOO attached and will it become a problem? Example, my boy follows me EVERWHERE I go in the house and MOST times during the day he'll try to force me to pet him and when I tell him no or MOST times ignore him he'll start to bark little yip barks that I have concluded are COME do what I want. Is this accurate? I also ignore him when I leave but he'll STILL bark when I walk out of the door. I also ignore when I come home but he's shaking so much it's like he's going into convulsions before he attempts to jump, ( I'm REALLY working on THAT one). The constant need for attention is starting to get on my nerve. I have toys laying all around for him but it's just MY attention. I've also gotten to where I pick up toys and give different ones as necessary to NO avail. I canNOT begin to tell you how much I've also spent on toys in the year since he's been here, a new one almost everytime I go into a store that has dog toys. HELP, I need I need my space, LOL. Sorry for LONG post but, HELP!
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