Comment to 'Too attached'
Comment to Too attached
  • Male American Bulldog, 16 months old. He gets plenty of walks 4-6 days a week and he's been through 2 OB classes at Petsmart, (I KNOW). He's also been going through OB all summer along with personal protection training and MOST days when I get off work we go into the backyard and go over OB and play and tug work. Example, we JUST came back into the house from about a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of play, chasing, jumping to grab rope, tugging and ending with OB. Since we've been in the house Butch has not sat down he's come and laid his head on my lap and began barking for attention. I put up another thread showing him in PP training and asking for opinions on his potential. Thanks babigirl I HAVE done and continue to do quite a bit with him that's why it's confusing. Thanks Wolf, LMAO, I will PM you. Love the Peter Griffin icon, (my favorite show). Under occupation, LMAO.
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