Comment to 'Do female dogs have a different style of guarding '
  • Desiree, It is said that you can't keep two male presas o two male Akitas too. However, I have witness many that do keep multiple males presas. I know one guy that was sort of my mentor is personal protection training. He had two male Akitas that he kept together. They were off leash in his store. You could see them laying down next to each other every time you come in. I only saw them get up once without being released by a command. I was there training my Rottie for personal protection. He was doing great. They got up and came together to protect their owner. But he called them off and sent them back to their spot. The owner would take them around to demonstrate that you can keep two male Aikitas with the correct guidance(training). Some people at Tom Rose School said it could be done. He brought them there and showed that they could.

    I was at a dog show a couple of years ago. There were quite a few Caucasian Ovcharka there. This stood out to me as this wasn't common. These males were being raised together and were fine. There was a small incident. The dogs got stirred up and they fired up quickly. But they were quickly calmed down by their handlers. The only one that didn't calm down right away was one that was not part of that group. I was impressed with those dogs. They were beautiful I loved their temperament. The problem was the fault of some other dog owner. They didn't have their dog under control and got too close as the other dogs responded.

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