Comment to 'My Co's eating behaviour!'
  • Hugo only eats when I hand feed him!

    A few times I left his food in the bowl overnight but the next morning it is not touched.

    I did it again last night and he did not eat. But, when I took the chicken out of his bowl and fed it to him he ate.

    He will not even come to me for his food.

    I normally have to take his food to him.

    He would lay down and I would put the pieces of meat in his mouth and then he will eat.

    This is annoying because EVERYTIME he eats, I have to hand feed him. This takes a lot of time!

    Hugo is my 3rd Co and I have never experienced this before. Not to mention, all of the other dogs I've had over the years; NONE displayed this behavior!

    Have you ever seen this behavior before?

    Why is he doing it?

    What can I do to correct this?


    Thank you.



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