Comment to 'Butch PP Training'
  • [quote1315838505=acamper] [quote1315516133=gsicard] Hi Alan, it seems that once your dog has the stick or sleeve it is quite happy. Could be because it is new at the "game". Check out this video. Look closely at the end of the video and say what you think. [youtube]gjXIoCIAVQI[/youtube] [/quote1315516133] Gary, I HAVE seen that video before of the Ovtcharka (sp?), thanks. At the end he says F*CK the pad and went for the man/decoy. I THINK I get the hint so I want to share a story. I have tested, well not myself but a friend that I have known for over 20 years tested my dog. We were at his cookout and I told him that Butch, my AB, was in PP class and he wanted to see it. I warned him that it wasn't the best idea but he's had dogs for MANY years and thinks he's an expert so he said he was under control. Now granted he was intoxicated, I KNOW, but he wanted to test him so he starts to rile my dog up so I give him the watch command and IMMEDIATELY Butch gets prepared. So, my buddy reaches and gets him going and I'm pretty sure he forgot that dogs are QUICK and Butch nails him he then asks me if he has his shots and I tell him of course he should know that I'm up on what I'm supposed to do. The next day he gets a Tetanus (sp?) shot, LOL. Long story short, Butch is NOT pad fixated he'll BITE. [/quote1315838505] Hi Alan, Good for your Butch for been able to use its teeth if need be. Just make sure you keep it that way. I seen lots of good protection dogs get destroyed with a "sleeve" and socialization with plenty agitatrors. Do not get me wrong but i would get considered if my dog focus too much on the pad. I think same think Gary tried to tell you. Regards
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