Comment to 'Butch PP Training'
  • [quote1315516874=davidfitness83] I can only critique the obedience part since that's all I know but it seems that you need to build a stronger foundation on that part. Maybe in pp your dog should be allowed to go buck wild and not listen to you but take it's own direction. I felt like the dog wanted to get to the other dogs first and then at the decoy. I am assuming that when you are agitating you let the dog pull to build tension in order to get it to want to hit the decoy. I am just concerned that your dog will go after anything and ignore you. Maybe I'm wrong and but this is a great thread for me to learn about this. Have you taught your dog to out before ? [/quote1315516874] David? This particular video was Butch's FIRST session as well as myself, go back to the beginning and take a look at the first 2 videos that I uploaded OR ATTEMPTED to upload, LOL. Butch is farther along in those and he actually has MUCH better control. I only uploaded THIS video because I was trying to get it right and figured it would be cool to look at the dogs AND MY progress. He also has gone through and continues to go through OB. He has learned drop it and leave it but once HE gets going he's hard to get back where we want so they've been working on his control also.
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