Comment to 'Kangaroo dogs/staghounds (great read about their history)'
  • Just another great example of the benefits of breeding for purpose. Juxtaposed to an article about the Irish Wolfhound's miserable healthy and how that dog's breeding reflects the whims of the show ring, would be especially moving. That being said, some fantastic examples of the sight-hound type have been produced and preserved by Greyhound racing. Just like dog fighting, Greyhound racing is brutal. It's not a sport, IMO. Not only does it encourage cruelty towards a peaceful creature, it also encourages gambling. Those who wisely out-lawed dog fighting only went half way, it appears. But again, it's the opposite extreme that balances out the show ring. It's a terrible dichotomy, and could be corrected by a favorable alternative - hunting. In Pennsylvania, for example, Deer are more populous than they were over 300 years ago when the area was colonized. Deer are also responsible for an overwhelming number of vehicular accidents. These a facts that seem true in much of the country. Obviously some legislation should be in place, but hunting with seems like an ideal method for dealing with the deer, and provides for a great way of preserving/enhancing many breeds.
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