Comment to 'Inbreeding - fooling nature'
  • Lee, Thanks for the post. Surprising to see a familiar name replying. Brings back memories of when I first learned of Bantu and the problems Dr. Swinford had trying to breed the Bandogge true. If I remember correctly he said that eventually a Pit Bull was produced and not a very good one. Hindsight I don't think the Game dogs were the best choice, nor the Neapolitan Mastiff, the former not being as strong as the bigger non-game dogs and the latter not being actively used. I think if Dr. Swinford could do it over he would have used the Boerboel for the bite force and the red nosed Pit Bulls(Leri Hanson's Capone)for performance in French Ring, Schutzhund, Hog Catch, and Most Weight Per Pound. I did notice your reference to epigentics at the outset and it is an honor and great pleasure to have your input after all you have invested in your breed.
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