Comment to 'Inbreeding - fooling nature'
  • MD, Yes and i was going to upload more than one photo and start my own thread but I am not allowed to do so yet by the site settings. I was also disappointed that Chimera Kennels "Swinford K9" was not in the list of breed profiles. At this point I am only at the Rottweiler/Newfoundland cross and have yet to see if my standard will breed true. If I were to make a breed profile it would not be from experience but copy and paste from parts of the standards for the Schutzhund 3 Rottweiler, Water Rescue Newfoundland, and Southern White American Bulldog Pro Catcher. Basically a Newfoundland head and Rottweiler coat on an American Bulldog with the Rottweiler temperament for Schutzhund 3 and French Ring Sport Level 3 as well as Hog hunting, weight pulling, agility and water rescue if need be.
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