Comment to 'AB Fear Stage'
Comment to AB Fear Stage
  • [quote1299437407=babigirl] Ignore his responce and keep going about your business like the dog didn't do anything. If you respond and comfort the animal YOU are telling the dog that was the correct behavior. [/quote1299437407] Thanks babigirl and EVERYONE that has offered advice. While walking I NEVER say anything just continue to go about our business, on occasion if he spots someone and his ears go up I'll say good boy and watch em, is this incorrect? I also saw somewhere that if you take them up to what causes the anxiety and touch it and act like there's nothing to it it will help them. I did this with the big boulder behind the gate then took him to closer inspect it, first he went up to it then ignored and tried to go to a tree that was near the rock to mark I said no and we went on, LOL. During day walks I see NO issues and when we pass by gates with barking dogs at night there is NO problem his head is just constantly on a swivel and when we saw the rock he jumped back a bit, recovered then a loud car came by that shocked him. One thing that I constantly look for is his tail going between his legs and that NEVER happens. I know this is a long response but I was actually trying to respond to everyone babigirl. His temperament is pretty steady he's just a pain in the a$$ at home, (stubborn AND hard-headed).
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