Comment to 'Paw licking?'
Comment to Paw licking?
  • [quote1304393747=babigirl] Thanks for the info and- I am Sorry for my delayed responce. I forgot this %$@^ computer at work on Friday! Glad to hear the dog is clearing up. Have you then kept it off of grass since then? One thing I wanted to mention is it also could be a Different type of plant that was in that field that set him off... [/quote1304393747] Thank you babigirl, I did mention that to the vet because it was an outbreak out of nowhere and it was after training him in an area that I've never trained him in. My thoughts also that it may have come from the change of the grassy area. Heres hoping that we've caught it, he's cleared up but he IS pink underneath in certain areas, but has finished his antibiotics and he does return to the vet on Saturday. Fingers CROSSED.
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