Comment to 'Leash Corrections?'
  • They should be happy to be on a leash it means they are going for a walk mine will put her head in the choker just waiting to go out. You might have problems if your stressed out taking a pulling dog that annoys you and you get upset I would start over with a long line 15 to 20 foot rope and walk in a field from one end to the other with no words spoken pretend you are a train you stop for nothing say nothing just walk your dog it will learn to pay attention to where your going after a week or two when your dog is no longer being surprised at the end of the leash and is always paying attention to you it is time to start on a regular 6 foot leash with the choker you were using and when the dog starts pulling you just turn around and go it the opposite direction without jerking the leash let them find the end themselves and they will rush to keep up you do that every time and soon you will have there attention and they will heal fine if your consistent and don't let emotions get in the way the dog will not lose confidence.
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