Comment to 'Resource guarding vs. Actual protection'
  • I decided to start a thread in order to ask THIS question. I wanted to ask it in the bandog forum THEN I wanted to ask it in a thread that I started originally that was brought back up, Johnson vs. Scot American Bulldog. How can one TRULY know if their dog is a natural protector or resource guarding? It appears to me, and I'm JUST asking so don't jump on me, but it appears that the LGDs, with using their OWN minds as many, say are actually watching over THEIR flock/family versus being protective. Is this so, enlighten me please? I only seek knowledge and I chose LGDs because of the "STORIES" I've heard, LOL. I heard the SAME about ABs that they're great with the family and they're natural protectors YET I hear AND read, PARTICULARLY on other forums, I won't name names but it's one that I'LL NEVER post ON, (COUGH, BDB, COUGH), TOO MANY RUDE know-it-alls, that VERY rarely WILL YOU FIND a dog that's a NATURAL protector, they'd be more inclined to run and protect their OWN ass, LOL. Just looking for info and perhaps a good discussion about resource guarding vs. protection and throw in fear biting. How can you know the difference IF there IS one?
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