Comment to 'HELP!! New Caucasian Puppy'
  • Hello, again! Things have been going pretty well, he's getting a little tiny bit better with kennel training and house training every day. But I have a question: twice he's been in a sort of... weird mood. He's been riding in the car, because I want him to get used to it. He's done it a lot, between the vet and various other places that he has needed to go. He usually does a great job. He's quiet, and usually lays down. Today, he barked at me. I told him to "shhhh," which is something I use to get him to stop barking at other people and dogs when we're outside (at an even volume, and I praise him when he's silent aftrewards.) I also reached my hand to let him smell it and he snapped at me. It wasn't bad or anything, but is that normal? I'm very firm with him, I'm no pushover. I'm just worried about the horror stories I've read, of people building great relationships with their dog and then the dog hits puberty and it's personality completely changes. I'm hoping it's just because he's still figuring me out.

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