Comment to 'HELP!! New Caucasian Puppy'
  • P.S. I think his conjunctivitis came from playing with his best friend, a little pit bull named jewel. She's very gentle withas him, but they ran through some bushes before I could stop them :(

    Also, his biting thing is getting better. With me, anyway. At first, I think we weren't bonded close enough for him to care about me. He didn't seem to care at all when I raised my voice or made it angry at him for biting, so I was having to pin him down and then he would just get more angry. Eventually he'd calm down, but it was a process. He has started to listen to me now when I say "no." he can be very insolent though. My two best friends are around him a lot, and they thinknow he's too cute so they just let him run them and I'm trying to work with them to stop that. It's sort of a problem with them, because they don't set boundaries. And when they try to grab him when he gets too crazy, he just wants to thrash and growl. He's stopped doing that with me though

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