Comment to 'HELP!! New Caucasian Puppy'
  • Hello everybody! We have started our raw journey. I found a very nice mentor (Estrela), thanks to you guys. He is eating a chicken leg a day. He started with just half of one in the morning, but now he eats half in the morning and half at night. He's also eating some Orijen kibble too. He's got diarrhea again, it started last night. I was expecting it sooner! Hopefully, it won't last long this time. We start puppy kindergarten classes this week. I'm not sure about them, but the woman that runs them is familiar with some large breeds and she's an animal behaviorist. She owns a great pyrenees and she's trained some anatolian shepherds whose owners gave her good reviews. I'm hoping if nothing else it's a good socializing experience for him! If I don't like her style or the class setup we can always just leave! I'm mostly training him myself from internet research, but that isn't going half bad! His recall is constantly improving, so are his commands when I use them in different situations. It was hard to transition from listening in my room or alone in nature to listening in public. He saw his first deer today on one of our walks. It was very cool, he barked at them of course (very brave protector). We are more inseparable every day. He was my valentine this year. I got him a "tough" toy, and he destroyed it in 30 minutes :) 

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