Comment to 'An EM with some Temp'
  • [quote1250622667=admin] Thank you for your post. I understand that there are some very good Neos in Spain. [/quote1250622667] No way,man.A total pile of garbage.A pitdogman friend of mine like neos and has about six or so in the last few years.A pair of them two not pedigree females.Corrrect structures (for a neo),very friendly with people.Stable,nice girls but without any serious caracter for guard or defense work.The other dogs (all of them with a top pedigree) a total disaster with the ony exception of one male.VERY agressive,in appareance very secure himself (a very strange thing in neos,inclusive in the ones capable to attack and bite),tail always up,structure similar to the dogs of the 80´s.His father was an ATIMANA champion,Leone dello stradone.Other friend have one female daughter of that dog (Leone no,his son) and have a serious dysplasia.Decent structure and movement (before the dysplasia) but no caracter,a lot of insecurity.
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