Comment to 'An EM with some Temp'
  • i have seen a couple of OEMs with such attitude! one of them was a heavy one!! he was the son of the famous indian and australian show champion joker! he was from mastdoch kennels! his roots are from bredwardine.. he is really HUGE and protective! he protects very well!! he looks scary when he is angry too! there are many neos with much more intense temperament too!! you can even call them 'vicious'! you know what i mean.. it was a nice dog.. but he never used to get along with any other male dogs.. but majority of the neos are sift here.. except few who really are one of the greatest guard dogs!! they may not be able to work like other molossers (stamina) but when they fight an intruder, they do it intensely! they are nothing less when compared to any guardian or guard dog breed!! they are formidably mighty!
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