Comment to 'An EM with some Temp'
  • [blockquote]Hi Bright, does your post quoted here apply to the Neo? if you have or know Neos like that please tell me where they are. The majority of the ones I have seen - with very few exceptions - could not protect themselves. There are of course some exceptions.[/blockquote] yes! i am telling that only!! i have found some neos to be very intense!! i told you about the english mastiff right? the same person had a neo too! he would let his OEM loose when i'd visit him! but he would never let me go where his neo stays! because he was so dangerous!! two people would take him for a walk! OEM and neo never used to get along!! he wasn't too big!! 28" may be.. but was heavy!! and the owner used to tell me that when both of them started fighting, they wouldn't stop till either of them lie dead!! he had appointed 2 people to manage dogs.. and one fine day when they fought, all the 3 tried to break the fight and the owner got a serious bite on his thigh! he said that it took more than 15 minutes for them to break the fight! i dunno if he still has it.. he might have given it away for i haven't seen the neo in his house these days.. and another person whom i know had purchased a neo for a dirt cheap price (10,000/- back then, neos were 40K) he was sold for a cheap price because he had almost killed a GSD he was living with.. and this neo attacked 2 people and this guy also gave it away.. he was also not too big.. may be around 27" but wasn't too heavy.. more like dogs that we see in old pics!! if he had a great owner or at least an owner like me he'd have got a permanent and great home to live in.. it is these dogs which made me like the neo! but i had one too.. it was a dog like you said.. 'i had to defend him'.. he was living in my friend's house.. and when strangers would come, he'd stand straight and firm before the stranger and see him with suspicion.. but would calm down n greet him if his name was called lovingly! when he'd see other dogs, he'd again stand firmly with his fat tail straight! he's look big n with lots of wrinkles when he'd stand in that posture (you obviously know what i am talking about).. we had to protect him from other dogs as if they'd fight with him, he would only play.. hahaha these people are foolish! his neo leapt and attacked a walker by when he was on a walk.. for that, they didn;t discourage the dog there! but after coming back to his aquarium shop, they tied his dog n hit him with chains! the dog was looking so dull! it made me dull too! i almost had a quarrel with him! if we want such dogs, we should speak to people about that and enquire and find out.. as of now, i am not in direct touch with such dogs.. but i know they are there.. both type of dogs are available here.. but dogs that are intensely driven are too hard to find.. we'll have to enquire and find them thats all.. but i know that such dogs are available!! even danes with aggressive temperament are available here! recently a dane pulled its ownertowards my puppy when we were going for a walk and attacked him! they both had a fight (hardly a few 10-15 seconds) and we broke the fight! all the pedestrians started scolding him! i was surprised to see such a dane with so much of aggression!! these dane breeders n neo breeders may say anything.. but i like such dogs with driven nature and intensity!! in the hands of a responsible owner, his aggression will certainly be channeled and controlled!
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