Comment to 'Serbian defense dog'

    On the following links you can see many arguments in favor of our statements that SDD doesn’t belong to FCI.

     I completely missed this post earlier but wanted to add my opinion to this.  I am not a big fan of many breed organizations because they almost always contribute to the degradation and ultimate ruin of the breeds.  It is my opinion that the show circuit as it is today actually ruins most breeds and cause the many changes in morphology and color standardization through selective breeding.  The downside of all this is that the resiliency of many breeds are ruined because of breading for softer temperament, standard colors and a certain "look." 

    This breeding for attributes and aesthetics are some of the reasons for inbreeding and genetic dilation and mutation. Take a good look at the Neapolitan Mastiffs that won "shows" between 2000 and 2010. They could not even run around the show ring let alone guard something.

    Yes - I agree that the SDD or SOP need to stay private.

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