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  • Kennel of Serbian Defense Dog “FROM EMPEROR DUSAN”

    Our kennel is the most serious kennel in Serbian defense dogs world. Our dogs are unique with a protective instinct.
    We export our puppies world wide. Puppy must be at least 10 weeks old in order to export them. The puppies are shipped to your nearest major airport or by car.
    Puppy will arrive with all required papers. Price is 1.000 euros per puppy + shipping. Puppy must be paid in full before they reach 10 weeks.
    Transport costs also must be paid in full before we send you the puppy or puppies (12 weeks top). Shipping for USA ,United Kingdom , about 1.000 euros, depends on the airline company. With all these costs, price for one puppy reach about 2.000 euros.
    Our kennel is trying to preserve oldest SDD blood line...Our dogs have strong nerves and very stable temperament.. Dogs from our bloodlines mature slowly. They can be friendly, but react very protective to provocation. Our dogs do not cause trouble during the walk but if someone from their "pack" is threatened or endangered they react protectively... SDD are very loyal and like to be included in family life.
    You can buy SDD puppy at a lower price from other kennels, but their quality is questioned.
    If you really care about the quality of puppies, and want them to grow into a great dog, then you should buy a dog from us. We are the best kennel of Serbian defense dog 100% Mr. Gavrilovic bloodline and our dogs are carefully selected.
    The one who give the deposit first, will have the priority to choose the puppy.

    Serbian defense dog born 10 April 2015.
    100% Mr. Nenad Gavrilovic bloodline. Make your reservation on time. We have the best gene pool of Serbian defense dog breed.

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