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    Should Serbian Defense Dog be recognized by FCI?

    It is often discussed on forums should SDD be in FCI..
    Both sides give their explanations and have their arguments. Attitude of our kennel is the same as attitude of Mr.NenadGavrilovic- SDD shouldn’t ask for recognition of FCI.
    Here is a few sentences representing attitude of Mr. NenadGavrilovi?:
    “SDD standard that I established is very clear:
    The color of nose has to match with color of hair on his back. That is proof that SDD origin from old mastiff.
    Everyone who discus about standard of SDD based on book that I didn’t write, are wrong. Few hooligans are trying to destroy the breed that I established a long time ago.
    There is no need for me to explain anything to these people. Who are they? What kind of canine experience do they have? They should realize that SDD is my private breed and that I own all the right and ownership of the SDD standard.
    They always ask when the breed will be officially recognized. They should be very much into kinology to know that International kennel organization FCI is private organization. There is also English kennel organization (The Kennel Club) and few organization in USA and Australia, that don’t recognize each other.
    In 1992 I gave a statement in interview: “SDD in Serbian countries is recognized by Serbian people, and I don’t need any other recognition”.
    Kennel Association of Yugoslavia (JKS) exists from 1925. Why JKS for all these years didn’t promote any of the Serbian breeds? Why did JKS let to destroy most valuable breed in our region- Šarplaninac,a dog that had unique strength of character, and perhaps the oldest sheepdog in the World.Why did šarplaninacdisappear ,and at the dog shows we see monsters, hybrid of St. Bernard and Caucasiansovcharka with regularšarplaninacpedigree?In the nineteen sixties, the German cynologists claimed that one šarplaninac character is worth two German Shepherds.It is pure utopia to trust in authorities and institutions which do not fulfill their duties to which they were committed by morality and law.
    I didn’t register my breed (SDD) to Serbian Kennel Club (that is part of FCI), because they want to steel my breed. That means, if they accept the breed, they make their own commission, give their own certificates and pedigrees, and I would have nothing with my own breed. That’s how things are in our country. It might be difficult for you to understand, but it is a true.
    All the above is just a clear roadmap for lovers of SDD who are still in any doubt about the FCI and its work.
    If recognition from the majority is the only thing that would make owners of SDD happy, than SDD definitely is not dog for them. They can choose from so many other breeds that compete in beauty and performance and are officially recognized by FCI.
    For uninformed people who doesn’t know that there are breeds such as Fila Brasiliera, registered in two or more organizations :
    On the following link you can see where Fila can be registered :
    SDD is more stable dog than Fila and in my opinion more complete dog in every sense. Fila is given as an example where one breed can be officially registered.
    On the following links you can see many arguments in favor of our statements that SDD doesn’t belong to FCI.
    There are few organizations in USA that recognize American bulldog
    • Animal Research Foundation (ARF)
    • National Kennel Club inc (NKC)
    • United Kennel Club (UKC)
    • American Bulldog Association (ABA)
    • American Bulldog Club of South Africa (SACBR)
    • American Bulldog Registry & Archives (ABRA)

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