Comment to 'Is there such dog breed ?'
  • Good Bandogs can as well. As long as they don't have rank drive and they all know the human is the boss and infighting is against his rules. They can have all the prey and defense drive you want. That will get them along with each other but high prey dogs have a way of turning livestock into deadstock. The pits in my line of bandogs are all game stock, but dog aggression can be selected against after a few generations. Herding dogs have prey drive but the kill has been bred out of them. They do what a wolf would do, they watch the herd until someone strays then they chase them. It's the herd animals instinct to run to the herd that drives them back then the dog gives up when confronted with the whole herd. Just like a wolf only a wolf will eventually get one far enough away to kill it while a herding dog will just nip. That's the basic herding instinct, modified hunting instinct. That's not something you'll get from a catch or fighting breed. Though with training herding dogs can do much more than that with a herd.
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