Comment to 'The kennel club announced that the Spanish water d'
  • The sad part of this is that there are many owners who probably rejoiced because their breed is gaining AKC recognition.  The forget the reason the love the breed in the first place for its temperament and spirit.  The AKC inadvertently changes dogs.  The fame and popularity will drive changes in temperament and structure.  There will be a big push to produce more of these dogs and breeders will of course meet the demand as the follow the money.

    I think that in about 5 years we will begin to see many health and behavior problems with these breeds. The Boerboel is doomed now to become just another type of bully breed without a true nature. The Bergamasco - soon will be bred for coat instead of function. Cirneci will loose their ability to work as the become lap-dog and status symbols.  Hopefully the waterdog will continue to swim.

    We must take any effort to bring our "rare" breeds into a club like the AKC with great care.

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