Comment to 'Caucasian Ovcharka in North America'
  • Hi Gary, in my opinion, and it is just my opinion, I do not believe that the level of ADR is an issue. I believe that owners will continue to get the CO's which they like, and continue with what they do with there own CO's as they have done. I know that I will continue to get or keep from future litters, Lord willing, ;) that I like. I will continue to socialize, do limited showing, continue to visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes, go downtown Dallas, and so on with ALL my guys. My Ch. Rusdog Kats Taloa was a high ADR, yet he was able to be among the general public with no problems at all due to my socializing him. It takes lots of work, but fits my life style. This is not to say that this is what everyone should do. I believe that each and everyone who has this breed, knows what works for them, and that is what we need. Just my 2 cents worth. The temperaments do not have to change, if they do, it is because the majority of the people with these guys, has chosen to go this way. But there will always be some of us who will continue to do our own thing with them. As far as type, I will continue to get the type that I, myself, like! I like plenty of bone, little stop, good pasterns, hips, elbows, knees, heart, thyroid, eyes, and I love the colors of Taloa and Taima, and love my Black Beauties Suki and Noka, who have Flash! This is what I, myself, look for and tend to have. Keep smiling Kat
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