Comment to 'Caucasian Ovcharka in North America'
  • [quote1245607149=Igmuska] Kat, Just curious, do you have any more pics of your black dogs? I have only seen a couple of other COs with the color. May I see their pedigree(s)? Thanks. [/quote1245607149] Hi there, the black comes from Hanka Velikiy Han which comes from Batir Velikiy Han. Hanka is Mother ofReina Akmenu Gele (Taima) and Raksha Akmenu Gele, full sisters from Aton X Hanka Velikiy Han both Suki and Noka are from Raksha X Molotov Von Ismay (Curly). The Hanka lines seem to throw lots of black colors. I will see what Suki throws when I breed her later this year. These guys also have the lighter undercoat that is according to the standard. I really like my Black Beauties! Keep smiling Kat[br][link={e_FILE}public/1245607911_15228_FT65945_nokahavingfun4-18-09.jpg][img:width=450&height=435]{e_FILE}public/1245607911_15228_FT65945_nokahavingfun4-18-09_.jpg">[/link][br][br][link={e_FILE}public/1245607911_15228_FT65945_sukisitkaranasniffs4-12-09.jpg][img:width=450&height=416]{e_FILE}public/1245607911_15228_FT65945_sukisitkaranasniffs4-12-09_.jpg">[/link][br]
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