Comment to 'Two worlds of the caucasian shepherd'
  • To me the caucasian ovcharka or ovcharka in general central or caucasian, are different than the aboriginal dogs. The aboriginal dogs have different names. Like Georgian nagazi, North caucasian Volkodav, alabai, Tobet and so on. But many people get these names mixed up, so there is lots of confusion between theses breeds and many people think that some of those breeds are the same breed. But there is a reason why these dogs have different names. Each dog breed is a bit different from one and another, in character, purpose, use, and conformation . The term Ovcharka are used for shepherd mastiffs that have been recently created for LGD purposes. Ovcharkas are actually very recently created. But the ovcharkas started to get used for different roles such as military, guarding and fighting much more than they where LGDs.

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