Comment to 'Strains of CAO'
Comment to Strains of CAO
  • Hi there

    I am have just joined - Not really sure where to start. I am still devastated as I lost my CAO to bloat a couple of days ago. Tzar was 4 and half years old. He had his dinner about 6:30pm on Saturday night. A couple of hours later I was shocked to realise that he is suffering bloat. We rushed him to emergency at Animal Hospital that belongs to a university, where we decided that the best course of action is to let our beloved Tzar go and rest in peace.

    Between my wife and I we had about 20 dogs throughout the years. Tzar was one of a kind. We never ever had any dog like Tzar before. He was unique. He was the joy of my life. I am still devastated. 

    We have a 6 months old Tzarina who is also a Central Asian Shepherd. It is clearly that she is a different strain of CAO from Tzar. She is also lovely but nothing like Tzar who was exceptionally patient was her since she arrived 3 months ago. She never let him be. Always picked on him. I wish if I didn't have her so that Tzar may have enjoyed his last 3 months in peace.

    I am accepting the fact that Tzar is gone but my chest is exploding with pain. Time heals I am sure. Hopefully, I will recover from my loss soon.

    I think Tzar originates from higher grounds than Tzarina. He had a much heavier coat, bigger in bulk and bones. I think she is from the plains, perhaps desert place.

    Thank you, apologies that my post is all over the place and appreciate any feedback about the different strains of CAO.

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