Comment to 'Strains of CAO'
Comment to Strains of CAO
  • No; the breeder who introduced this wonderful breed to Australia has decided to move to a more agile smaller strain of the Central Asian Shepherd. Tzarina is from this strain. I can see the difference in her coat, skeletal structure and traits. I think the origin of Tzarina's strain is somewhere where there is desert. I have noticed this from some traits that she exhibits which are different from Tzar. I would say, Tzar was much more intelligent than Tzarina. He was a thinker. Tzarina is fearless and instinctive rather than the pensive and thinking Tzar. Who was courageous and had no fear in his heart. I would say Tzarina will be tough like a nail but not sure if she would be able to crush a wolf in the wild and survive it due to the lack of coat protection and mass muscles. Not that we have wolfs in the neighbourhood. Tzar was one of a kind.

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