Comment to 'CAO Puppy Assessment'
  • I am fairly confident that my puppy will become a good guard dog in time. Whether she will become very alert or not; will have to wait and see. The breeder is intentionally breeding milder CAOs. The breeder might have had bad experience with the dogs she bred in the past as they were true full on CAOs with hot temperament. Tzar's father was bred by this breeder. For us, Tzar had the perfect temperament. The breeder also decided to go for a smaller/leaner CAO variant. Maybe to get rid of the bloat issue; not sure. The breeder believes that CAOs should not be too big as they do a lot of walking in rough terrain in normal life. Cannot really claim that I am fond of this smaller/leaner variant. To me, this variant is too narrow chested, very fine boned, too leggy looking, the head is small and the neck does not give the impression of being powerful. However, CAOs mature slowly, so body wise it might improve over time. I think my puppy is not lucky. If I didn't lose Tzar, I wouldn't have been that critical of my puppy. Tzar was also an exceptional dog of different type so hopefully soon I will fully recover from my lose, and accept my puppy for what she is; at the end, she is a lovely, beautiful and intelligent pup.

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