Comment to 'CAO Puppy Assessment'
  • Guys/Gals; my puppy is now 10 and half months old; last night I left the gate open so that an old friend visiting would just drive in when he arrives;

    I put the puppy in the car port, which is an enclosure under the house roof, fenced by swimming pool fence i.e. not brick walls and she can see what is happening outside; the car port is about 35m from the property gate;

    When my friend arrived and drove in, there wasn't even a bark from the puppy to alert us; and again she was happy and excited to see a new face that she has never seen before;

    I feel very disappointed; started to feel that I should not wait on her for another year to discover later that she hasn't got it in her and she is no good guard; perhaps I should seriously be considering re-homing her.

    I am very surprised because this puppy shares the same grandfather and great grandfather as Tzar who was an exceptional dog! This is from her mother's side. However, the puppy is nothing whatsoever like Tzar in physique or guarding ability. Here father must have very strong genes indeed!

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