Comment to 'Swedish Kennel Club Enforces Rules on Neapolitan Mastiff'
  • Maximus, I dont think there will be two breeds in the near future quite the opposite actually, and from watching for years it seems my prediction i occur in the next 10 years. My theory has always been that the breed will peak somewhere in its evolution, by peaking it will pretty much be what it is today, grossly overdone, now mind you I am not saying it is the whole breed because there are enough people breeding "normal" type, but enough so that someone ( kennel clubs, breeders, fanciers ) have opened their eyes and said enough all ready.Which is what is happening in the topic of this post. I dont think the breed will change overnight, the breeders who are breeding correct now wont have to do anything except carry on, the breeders and owners who wish to win in competition will have to change their outlook on breeding in the future, and the buyers who want the extreme monsters will also be affected. JMHO but I am happy with the last 5-8 years progress the breed has made, it wasnt that long ago that health and temp were not a big concern, now there are many who rely heavily on good health and temp in their qualities they strive for. Also look at the amount of more correct type rather then extreme type in the pics posted to neo boards, it seems as though 3 years ago everyone wanted "the monster" now more times then not it is a good massy moderate wrinkled dog people are posting. I am excited to see what happens in the next 5 years, good things to come. I dont think we will see the dogs of the 40's or 50's, the young mastino who was essentially nothing but a couple generations bred down mutt, we wont be able to go back to that without crossbreeding, I hope the neo becomes the magnificent powerhoouse of a dog that it really is, no more 200 lb wrinkled mess's but I want the breed to retain the traits that make it a mastino, for those of you who do like the older neos, look into the cane corso, and that isnt putting anyone down and making fun of the situation, but I tend to think many wish to change the breed more into the CC, which it is not and cannot be if anyone wish's the breed to continue its evolution.
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