Comment to 'Swedish Kennel Club Enforces Rules on Neapolitan Mastiff'
  • I attended an IKC dog show yesterday and there was 2 neapolitans entered. 1 to Male Puppy class and 1 to Open Bitch class. In IKC if there award is 1 green star to best male and best female at each show. (Puppies are not elligable. Only Junior and above) 7 of these and the dog is a Champion. The Judge yesterday withheld the Green Stars due to her decision the quality was undeserving. And I believe no BOB was awarded either. I missed that specific part but There are no results to be seen on as you can see. I heard talk of the female having far too much skin and affecting her vision from other attendees later, 1 woman in particular was in agreement of the decision and told me that the same decision was made about 6 months ago to the same owner with a different female when his dog showed shyness to the judge.
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