Comment to 'Sitting - HELP'
Comment to Sitting - HELP
  • HELP, I have a question/concern about the way my dog sits at times. Butch sometimes leans on one side, no issues just REALLY relaxed if you notice with the picture. My concern is, I never thought it was a problem and I'm still not sure now but when he was at his PP/OB class I overheard a couple people tell their dogs to get off their hips and then adjust them. Is this way of sitting bad for their hips or is it something that is hereditary so no need for concern? Thanks in advance. Picture included.[br][link={e_FILE}public/1314039167_18749_FT0_backyard_butch_009.jpg][img:width=500&height=836]{e_FILE}public/1314039167_18749_FT0_backyard_butch_009_.jpg">[/link][br]
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