Comment to 'Dog family/phylogenetic trees?'

  • Anyone know of any good family trees for dogs mapping their relationships to one another? This is the best one I've seen (brought to my attention by shah), I believe it's genuinely based on the somewhat recent sequencing of the dog genome- I've tried to make my own based on the dog genome and it's really really hard, it's almost like an unsolvable puzzle because of the criss crossing that would be required. Here I guess they've tried to accomodate that with colouration, for example in the toy breeds you have the papillion but it's red signifying it's relationship to the spaniels, despite also being in the toy breed group. Anyway, I've been having a good look at this, it's not the easiest thing to interpret but I'd be happy to try and answer any questions about it because I think I'm starting to understand it. Any other charts like this mapping the relationships between dogs?