1. Vaccinate
      Dogs should follow a strict schedule of vaccinations to prevent diseases. Keep your dog current on his vaccinations, following the schedule recommended by your veterinarian. Keep a copy of your dog's vaccination records handy.

     As with anything regarding your dogs - Owners should make the decisions they deem best for their dogs. There are several articles on this site about over vaccination and the detrimental effects that may have on  your dogs' health. Vaccinate your dogs for what pose a danger to them in your area and what is required by law.  Do not over vaccinate or give "feel good" shots.

    One of the questions I ask any vet before they see our dogs is "what is required by law?." You will find that very little is required to keep you dog legally vaccinated and for the most part the rest of the "treatment" is something to make you "feel good" and sell meds from the drug companies.

    Study your dogs needs and the area maladies and make smart decisions. Here is an article about vaccination.

    The info by the original poster - is a great start in keeping your dogs healthy.

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