Comment to 'foxtail in nose'
Comment to foxtail in nose
  • hey guys, so im not sure if its a foxtail, but my dog was sniffing around the yard the other day, saw him from pretty far away sniffing around some plants, he came back sneezing pretty bad, obviously something up  his nose or what not. Now I have seen my dogs sneeze when they sniffed something they didnt like or something like dirt or whatever up their nose but this was pretty bad, he wouldnt stop sneezing.


    so the following day, the sneezing has reduced but he still sneezes pretty good if i rub his snout.


    To make a long story short, he obviously has something stuck inside his nose. I am not in a position to take him to the vet to have it removed right now as its quite expensive


    Has anyone had a similar problem with thier dog getting something stuck in the nose? what did you do? any suggestions? 

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