Comment to 'Dog breeding myths'
  • Nice video. Thanks for the link Mike. The speaker quoted some lines for some standards and the thing that occurred to me is this. The Standards in their purest interpretation selects for aesthetics rather than function. However, when they are interpreted for shows and breeding they are exaggerated and .. slight wrinkles are ideal - hummmmm, more wrinkles are better, max weight becomes the average, max height becomes a few inches more, big becomes massive, aggression becomes distruct or aloof.. etc.. In many of my posts I preach adherence to the standard and that is contrary to the speaker - but adherence would at least limit the freaks to some extent since "culling" is no longer performed by man and is not allowed to occur naturally. Nice Vid and lots of info on that site. [url=]This follow on video[/url] does a great job on the breed clubs. One thing I found missing was the responsibility of "judges" in directing the market by their "selection" for traits in the ring.
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